Session Cases Online

The Scottish Council of Law Reporting has been able to create an archive of all the Session Cases reports back to 1821. This archive has now been licensed to a number of online publishers.

The opinions of the judges in a number of key Scottish law reports have been made available for public access, with the assistance of Justis Publishing. Please note that these case reports contain the opinions of the judges only and are not the full law report contained in Session Cases.

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For details of Electronic Session Cases, a stand-alone online service from Justis Publishing Limited containing Session Cases reports from 1873, visit

Session Cases (from 1821) are now available to subscribers to Westlaw UK Scotland services, whilst subscribers to Lexis Nexis Scottish services can access these reports back to 1873.

Their offering of the archive is in two products, available together or separately:

Ongoing series (1873 - Present)

A standard yearly subscription applies to this series

Session Cases Archive (1821 – 1872)

This component of the Session Cases can be included with a subscription to the ongoing series (1873 – present) for an additional payment. It is also available as a standalone title on annual subscription or on ‘perpetual licence’.

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Session Cases from 1821 have been licensed to Thomson Reuters and are now included in Westlaw. For further information please see

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Session Cases from 1873 have been licensed to Lexis Nexis and are included in their Scottish Cases library. For further information please see