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Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service

The site has been updated following the merger with the Scottish Tribunals Service, but the content is still mostly relevant to the courts. It covers all the traditional courts, providing rules of court, all Court of Session decisions since about 1997, selected decisions from other courts, court forms, fee information, rolls of the Court of Session as well as links to other Scottish courts.

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Rules of Court and Guidance and associated matters are now available from a single tab on the home page.

Judiciary of Scotland

This site lists all judges and sheriffs presently in office, some fairly basic information about how the courts work, principles of judicial ethics and independence and the practicalities of going to a court.

Sentencing statements and summaries of some court opinions are also provided here. See the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland site to find out how the judiciary are appointed:

Additional Support Needs Tribunal for Scotland

This tribunal has a bright and attractive well-ordered site with a clear and well-referenced section setting out the law and lots of useful information about Tribunal administration etc. Contains a searchable database of tribunal decisions, which have been effectively anonymised. Downloadable forms, guidance and other information round out a very useful site.

Children’s Hearings

Deals with all aspects of the Scottish system of Children’s Hearings which aim to safeguard the needs of vulnerable children. Includes a really useful set of publications to read and/or download, including information designed specifically for children (and younger children).

Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland

AContains database of decisions made since 2008, but with only the barest of details provided and no text of reasons. Nice interactive map of venues used for hearings. question, the most useful section is the Legislation and Caselaw section, with PDF downloads of scores of relevant Acts, Regulations and judicial decisions.


Pensions Appeal Tribunal (Scotland)

The website deals with the Scottish version of the Pensions Appeal Tribunal, which is separate from the English and Welsh tribunal. The site includes guidance on bringing a case, downloadable PDFs of the relevant legislation and an unusually comprehensive medical appendix, which contains details of a dizzying selection of ailments.

Private Rented Housing Panel

The website for this housing tribunal (subsuming the former Rent Assessment Panel for Scotland) is bright and well-designed, containing detailed information for tenants and landlords on the new law and procedures and even downloadable forms. It has an excellent searchable database of all decisions made on all topics.

Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal

Refreshingly open, well-organised and full site which gives full access to the tribunal findings, the rules, guidance, tribunal member biographies and FAQs.

Copyright Tribunal

Simple site attached to main government site on IP: contains decisions of the tribunal, applications and references, and application forms.

County Court

The Registry Trust Ltd (under the trading name Trust Online) operates the Registry of County Court judgments for England and Wales and has a database of Scottish small claims and summary cause decrees for the past six years; and equivalent judgments in the courts of Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, and Jersey. Fee charged for search which can be done on-line or by post.

Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service

The site has been migrated to the hub, but still has much useful content. Of particular interest are the courts and tribunals finder - and the search function for forms and guidance -

House of Lords

Following the abolition of the House of Lords and its replacement by the Supreme Court, all judgements of the House of Lords from November 1996 to July 2009 are archived here; with a basic search function.

Privy Council

Following the constitutional shake-up associated with the creation of the Supreme Court, the amended function of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council is reflected in a new website, similar in style and content to that of the Supreme Court. Archived decisions between 1999 and 2009 can be found at

Supreme Court

The site provides not only the text of judgements but also a list of current cases, with pithy summaries and access to further details, press releases, Rules of Court, practice directions and a variety of interesting background material. Decisions of the Supreme Court are found here in a very accessible, up-to-date and searchable fashion.

Industrial Tribunals and the Fair Employment Tribunal

Not to be confused with the GB equivalent, this site provides a welter of useful information and links to the Northern Ireland employment tribunal equivalent.

Non-British Courts and tribunals

European Court of Human Rights

A huge collection of every decision of the Court and the Commission; searchable in many ways and in French as well as English.

European Court of Justice

Lots of information about the workings of the court, access to the caselaw in English and French, and a digest and Index of the caselaw (in French).

International Court of Justice

Full text of every decision of the Court since its inception and copies of all core texts.

International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

Well designed site with all that one could want to know about the tribunal. A rather nice video is now available, which describes the tribunal and its role, functions and jurisdiction:

Court of Arbitration for Sport

Simple website available in French and English, which contains a wealth of useful information, including the statutes and rules of the court and a large archive of decisions. You can search decisions by sport – though football is the clear market leader here.