European Union law

European Union

This is the entrance to the main EU site, which has a huge amount of material on all aspects of the EU. Recent updates have made it easier to navigate and to search for and locate relevant information.

European Court of Justice

Lots of information about the workings of the court, access to the caselaw in English and French, and a digest and Index of the caselaw (in French).


“The Summaries of EU legislation inform on the main aspects of the European legislation, policies and activities in a clear, easy-to-read and concise way. These Summaries are intended for a general, non-specialized audience and cover 32 topics corresponding to the activities of the European Union.”

Official Journal

Direct, searchable access to the Official Journal of the European Union.

Department for Exiting the European Union

Otherwise known as the “Ministry for Brexit”, this recently built website is largely press releases at the moment, but is starting to host some interesting publications emanating from the department as well.

The Scottish Government website also has a section dedicated to the implications of the EU referendum -

For serious legal analysis of all things Brexit, Article 50 and all, you could do no better than David Allen Green’s excellent Jack of Kent blog (