Links and gateways

Delia Venables

Despite looking decidedly homemade, it is frequently updated and remains one of the best sites of its type: comprehensive collection of links sorted in various ways, with commentary and other news by former librarian on award-winning site.


Excellent collection of links, organised into around 80 categories, chosen with the practising lawyer in mind by information professionals on the staff of the Inner Temple Library. All links are accurately and succinctly annotated, with 53 sites catalogued in the Scotland page alone.

Law Links

Excellent easy-to-use annotated collection of law links hosted by University of Kent. Particularly strong on European Law resources. Still refers to the “Scottish Executive”, but in fairness, so does the legislation!


This attractively designed site, aimed at law students in England (but still great for everyone else), provides links to sites and articles subject by subject. Recommended especially for the collection of links to blogging lawyers.