Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights

Includes press releases of all new judgements together with summaries and links to the full judgement, a section listing nearly 300 cases and the effect that they have had on domestic laws, full versions of basic texts, lists of pending cases and summaries of cases dealt with since 1999.

Place of first call for full judgements of the European Court of Human Rights and the Commission too.

One Crown Office Row

This set of Chambers operates a useful free website service containing over 700 reports and commentaries on HR cases from 1998, as well as “practical guidance” on the Act, and some articles. They also maintain a blog on the same subject at:

  • Hieros Gamos

    For international aspects of human rights, this portal is hard to beat: a massive collection of international materials including treaties, conventions, human rights organisations, academic literature and sites, US caselaw etc. etc.

  • Interights

    An international human rights “law centre” its website contains: a useful searchable collection of Commonwealth and International human rights caselaw, summarised, indexed and searchable; a set of eclectic publications on various human rights issues and information about its work. Regrettably, INTERIGHTS closed down on 27 May 2014 due to lack of funding. The site remains a useful resource, however.

  • Scottish Human Rights Commission

    This regularly updated website is the official site of Scotland's very own human rights commission, recognised as a national human rights institution (NHRI). Of particular use are the consultation responses and reports by the Commission, and Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights (SNAP).