Intellectual property

Intellectual Property Office

This government portal replaces the previous separate official sites and contains similar material being summaries of the law relating to various IP rights (including patents, trade marks, designs, copyright) and, very usefully, good set of legislative materials in this area.


ICANN co-ordinates the assignation of Internet domain names and offers a domain names dispute resolution service as well as news on technical developments.

Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions

This resource, authored by Martin H Samson, features summaries of over 500 court decisions on cases shaping the law of the Web, often with links to the full decision. Excellent resource.

Copyright Licensing Agency

The bane of many an office manager, the agency’s site explains its work and explains the law and its work. Usefully, the search tool lets you see what can be copied, shared or re-used legally with a CLA licence by typing in the title or ISBN. See also in this vein the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance at


Provides free access to full text of all US patents in PDF format, partial European data and a selection of blogs and pieces from some of the very best blogs/sites in IP in the US and worldwide. The page of “crazy patents” provides some light relief (