Scots law


This site has a scots law blog plus a modest selection of useful links and resources.

Scottish Law Commission

Excellent site with full details of the programme of the Commission (official law reform body) together with full text of all recent reports and papers and many of the older copies too: often a very fruitful start for research.

Scottish Law Online

This long-established site has now fallen into disrepair – may still be worth a look among the cobwebs if you can't find what you're looking for elsewhere.

Scottish Legal News

Daily news concerning matters of Scots law. Subscribe for content direct to your e-mail inbox. Also features jobs, events, blogs and a case search function.

The Edinburgh Law Review

Contains synopses of articles (and occasional free articles), usually with a Scots law bent, in this thrice-yearly, high quality, academic journal.

Scottish Parliament

This large site contains information about all aspects of the Scottish legislature including the texts of Bills and explanatory notes, the official Parliamentary reports and webcasting of the Parliament. For the text of Scottish legislation: go to

Scottish Government

Among other things, contains a wealth of official documentary material including consultation papers on legislative changes.