Welfare law and Community legal services

Scottish Legal Aid Board


Site includes the latest annual report, news, and a section for lawyers including legal aid forms and the legal aid handbook. There is also an excellent search function to allow clients to locate firms registered to provide Legal Aid in their area.

Legal Services Agency


Scotland’s largest law centre: details of its work and some free literature on welfare law topics.

Govan Law Centre


This Law Centre’s website has changed to a blog format but still maintains its very useful links and resources as well as up-to-date information on this Centre’s energetic activities.

Shelter Scotland


Excellent guide to all areas of housing law, including homelessness, renting, repairs and repossessions.

Citizens Advice Bureau


The national website of the two UK CAB organisations: provides up-to-date information on wide range of legal issues affecting the ordinary citizen; customisable by UK country/region.

See www.cas.org.uk for the Citizens Advice Scotland site.

Department of Work and Pensions


Home page of the DWP, responsible for social security. DWP publications, including consultations, guidance, impact assessments and both short and detailed guides to all the main benefits can be found here.

Child Maintenance Service


Simple guidance to the new scheme for child maintenance, complete with online calculators.

Benefits and Work


This is a very claimant-centred site, which contains among other things detailed guides to various welfare law benefits as well as links and commentary to various court and Tribunal decisions. First rate practical advice on dealing with forms, medicals, appeals etc. Very different from the official sites.

Housing Benefit


Completely redesigned site with lots of information about the housing benefit scheme provided independently. Also contains text of regulations and circulars and much more. Most material only available to subscribers.



Sector leading site run by London welfare rights organisations. Provides up-to-date news on welfare benefits, leaflets, discussion forum and job advertisements.

Fairer Scotland


This Scottish Government website is new, and has little content as yet, but promises to be a good source for keeping up-to-date with progress on the devolution of welfare powers to Scotland.